A Day At The Races

Finger Lakes Race Track, in Farmington NY is a small track where local and nationally known horses run in the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons. It is always interesting to see the “backside” of the track, and watch the jockeys weigh in, mount up and assess their mounts for the upcoming race. It makes one wonder just what secrets are being passed on between trainer and jockey, or owner and rider…or even jockey to jockey! You realize there is a life behind the scenes that no one sees…friendships, hardships, crises…..this is the beginning of a series I am undertaking..to discover and show that side of the track. This day depicts the race day itself…and preparation, as well as the race….with more to come SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-47-2 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-1-2 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-2-2 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-6-2 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-9-2 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-26-2 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-30-2 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-37-2 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-62-2 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-101 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-116 SPORTS_FLRaceTrack_2014-119on behind the scenes.   


Harbour Cove Marina

Harbour Cove Marina in Fort Pierce,Florida is on the southern end of North Hutchinson Island. It serves everything from huge yachts to small fishing trawlers. In recent years it has been renovated, along with the wonderful seafood restaurant, and has become a popular place to hang out as well as dock your boat. These are some of the boats that were docked this week. I am always drawn to one particular boat from Sweden. On this day, a young, tanned , blond deckhand was preparing for a trip. The conversation went like this: ME: “Nice boat! Where you headed”? DECKHAND: The family tat owns the boat lives in Sweden and they’re not here often. But when they are, I get te boat ready and we head out to sea for a bit. We’re headed to Barbados later today. Then I don’t know where”. ME: (thinking) “what am I doing wrong?!”
Oh well! We had a great lunch, a couple cold beers and enjoyed the gorgeous day!






Hallway to Heaven

Hallway to Heaven?

Hallway to Heaven?

All Ye Who Enter.......

All Ye Who Enter…….

Doorway View

Doorway View

How do we define progress? Is it tearing down old buildings to make way for the new? Or is it salvaging the value from the old, and finding a new purpose? The old Iola Sanitarium  campus on the corner of Westfall Rd and South Avenue in Rochester, NY was razed this past summer to make way for a shiny, new COSTCO and City Center. I am sure Rochester will appreciate both however something is lost in tearing down the glorious architecture of old. This Sanitarium housed teens, adults and children suffering from TB…for months, and sometimes even years, until they were “cured”. it served as their home, evidence of which can still be detected in wandering among the decay and debris. Furniture, kitchenware, curtains, toys…la amid the rotting floors and walls, After serving it’s initial purpose, it was occupied, at various times, by a few organizations and companies. Most of the buildings, however, served as shelter for partying teens, druggies looking to score or shoot up, or the homeless. Grafitti on the walls  is their calling card. Could we not have found some long term purpose for the ornate, unique buildings? Is replacing the old with the new always the best move forward? Perhaps….but where will the ghosts live now that it’s gone?

Resting place in the hills

There is a unique place in the Bristol Hills where you’ll find at least one of every type of automated machinery or mode of transportation…. Whose lives are nearing the end. A really cool guy lives on the property and works on these relics, lovingly bringing them back to their former selves. Each is in a different state of recuperation…. A unique experience and a photographers paradise!



Smugmug Website

Well…finally! My new Smugmug website is fairly completed! After struggles with the new design and having to learn how to navigate the new tools, it is up and running and humming along! Thanks to help from Keith Bullis, moderator for the Rochester PAC photo club, and his guidance, we managed to get it going. I was ready to go with Zenfolio, but after a free trial with that software, and experimenting with their web design tools, I am glad I decided to remain with Smugmug.

Underground Graffiti

Underground Graffiti

They have produced one very powerful tool for photographers!

Now on to loading more photos and streamlining it for production!